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Pune – The most livable city
It is popularly quoted, ‘Pune Tithe Kay Une’ meaning – Whatever you need and desire, Pune offers it. Talk about culture, social life, infrastructure, education, nature, arts or standard of living, the city aces it all. Touted for unrivaled growth, Pune has continued to
Tips to Maintain Work Life Balance
With growing ambitions and the hunger for success, the term work life balance stops making much impact on people as days pass. Swimming with kids or taking them for football practice becomes a weekly affair instead of daily and spouses are forgotten completely. While most
Monsoon Proof your Home
Apart from being breathtakingly gorgeous to witness, monsoons can also be viciously harmful to your home. In such a climatic condition securing your home becomes a necessity! To protect you from such scenario we are there to help you with all the possible tips that can help