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    A Gadget free Day of togetherness!

    A Gadget Free Day of Togetherness

    With our heavy paced life and growing need of being on top, one forgets the old times. The times where our world was not dominated by the need to earn or our advances in technology! Those days were gadget free day. We often forget to keep our roots in-check with all this commotion. Our roots being our family!

    According to many studies, modern families face a battle against technology. They find it tough to make enough time for their loved ones and in the process losing out on those precious memories that could have been created! More than 90% of parents feel unwanted by their children. The cause being: Technology!

    It is stated by these parents that their children rather watch TV or be on their phones instead of spending quality family time! This persisting issue brings us today to the solution of the problem. The solution? Switch off that gadget and look at the person next to you!

    Imagine just a day without your phone where you constantly hang your neck low. One needs to look up and admire life as it moves on. This one day, dedicate to your loved ones! – Gadget Free Day.

    If you are of the same sceptic view that if the day will be fun or not? Then don’t worry. You aren’t the only one! Even if it means getting out of town and gqoing on a trek or even playing those old board games with your family. You have to make it a priority to dedicate all your creative idea development into people and not the laptop!

    Reserve a table at your favourite restaurant with your family and go there without your mobile phone. See what it actually feels like to have a great conversation over food. Take in the chatter of the place, the aromas, the hustle and see the smile on your family’s face when they have your undivided attention!

    Try these few below mentioned activities the next Sunday or any day you wish to make a family day:

    1. Outdoor Sports
    2. Board games (don’t be shy to get competitive)
    3. Trekking (it is not as tough as it looks plus just imagine the view you get)
    4. Long Drives (totally worth it with old songs)
    5. Spa Day
    6. Cooking with whole family (you get to know if they can actually cook!)
    7. Social Dancing ( I’m not just talking about Bollywood, it can be any partner dance)

    Try any of these above activities and see your day getting transformed into the best time you have spent with your family or loved ones in a decade!

    Happy Holidays. Make the most of them 🙂