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    Beat the Heat at Gagan

    Beat The Heat

    Summer Holidays have begun and the unbearable humidity has no escape. The mind seems to wonder what must one do to make these holidays worthwhile. You wouldn’t have to worry much at Gagan Aviva, it’s extended lifestyle surrounds you with amenities that greet the heat in a manner claiming  its way to be described as “Less is More.” On a sunny day at Gagan Aviva what would you prefer a multipurpose lawn over a sit out on a soothing trellis? Choices are many, make yours count by greeting a way of life that can even make summer a little extra interesting.


    Beat the Heat

    Does summer excite you? Its intense heat needs a refreshing competition and what better competent than a palm walk at Gagan Ela. Truly a venture begins as you walk by those breezy palm trees and experience the relaxing comfort of the nature.  At Gagan Ela, its numerous recreational activities assures to make your summer a memorable journey, wish to relax in the garden or melt down in the blues it has it all to Live an exciting summer.


    Happiness is surreal when you see it takes just a little to live big. At Gagan Tisha there are numerous little things that make a big difference , to cheat the summer Gagan Tisha is the perfect destination. At Gagan Tisha, a gazebo could be your ideal spot to unwind as you forget the high temperatures and enjoy the cooling comfort of a gazebo.


    When life gives you more of everything, you must be at Gagan Avencia? But how can one get more out of summer? As the temperatures burn you down one can rejuvenate by burning  down some calories as its results make you see the brighter side of summer at the well equipped gymnasium of Gagan Avencia and after the hard working session you always have the relaxing blues.


    Summer is the most colourful season of the year and what better place to cherish this season than Gagan Signet where life gets colourful everyday. The most vibrant colour is the rejuvenating blue that outburst’s from the jacuzzi to balance the rising temperaturev in your body, it’s the perfect getaway to unwind throughout the summer holidays. There are numerous colourful choices at Gagan Signet to delete the heat and make their summer a colourful memory to remember.


    How does one deceit the heat? Think about it … Isn’t the refreshing swimming pool a thrilling escape from the scorching heat. The swimming pool in summer can assuringly be the plus side of your life at Gagan Klara. The plus sides are actually so many that they sum up to make a splendid summer at Gagan Klara. It’s difficult to make choices from the endless list of amenities that await to make your summer a season you would cherish forever.


    At Gagan, we encourage a lifestyle of comfort and care. We believe anyone is capable enough to make the best of their summer by turning even the smallest joys into greater memories. Hence, here we are with distinctive settings that could be called your home. Spaces that could let you experience the tranquil escapes from the heat.