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    Give your home the festive look

    Give your home the festive look.

    The second half of the year is buzzing with energy and revelries in India. Navratri, Dusshera, Diwali, Christmas and New Year, all line up to brighten up our days. These celebratory times can be fun with family, friends, relatives and all our special ones.

    Festivals are also the best times to redo your home décor and give it the festive, vibrant look. As the air fills with excitement, add a hint of brightness to your spaces too. Be your own interior designer and enthuse everyone with your simple, yet stunning home décor!

    Here are a few beautiful décor ideas that can last even after the festive season is over.


    •  Mix It Up:

      Do not strictly choose a way! Fusion is in trend and so let your interiors bring together the best of traditional and contemporary décor. Pillow covers with Warli or Bandhani print are a great way to add color. In addition, you can use traditional diyas/oil lamps in your modern ambiance to give a touch of tradition and culture.


    •  Festive Tableware:

      Now is the time to use that set of expensive china that sits in the back of your cupboards all year! To complement the rich cutlery, get creative, use traditional Chundari or Motifs, and convert them into tablemats. You can also use the off the rack patterns available in acrylic, plastic or wood to decorate your coffee table or side table.


    •  Recycle and Reuse:

      Old festive decorations can be given new life with small sprays of color, ribbons and beautiful mirrors, beads and stickers. Use ribbons with your curtains or beads on the Toran or Bandanwar, as decorative door hangings to create a festive ambiance. Do up the corners with some glitter papers or use waste newspapers or old, flamboyant sarees to do your entryway interestingly.


    •  Add Sparkle:

      To keep up the glitziness and shimmer of the festive season, add hues of gold and silver. Otherwise looking loud, these colors are great for the festive season. The colors invite lots of enthusiasm. Gold or silver vases, rugs, pillows, furniture drapes, curtains etc. lend a jovial look.


    •  DIY:

      Add a unique touch to your home with DIY décor. DIY home décor is not only graceful but also inexpensive, easy and exclusive. Handmade greetings, wall hangings, lanterns are easy options. Go beyond the color Rangoli and try hands at flowers or paper Rangoli. The festive season is the best time to channelize your creative instincts. Do not stick to predefined color schemes and let the curtains and furniture mismatch.


    • Welcome Nature:

      The season brings in lots of fresh flowers and fragrances. Make the most of these natural blessings by bringing flowers into your festive décor. Make garlands, bunch together your favorite flowers or simply add them to your Rangoli.


    Remember, festivals are the times to welcome eccentricity and let everything be vivacious.
    So, revel in the festivities with a welcoming and lustrous décor. Give your already spectacular Gagan home a festive look with these tips!