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    Presenting Grant Bay – The Hallmark of Commercial Excellence

    Presenting Grant Bay - The Hallmark of Commercial Excellence

    “Success begins here“. A new venture has begun, a new experience has unveiled and a new discovery awaits. Presenting Grant Bay by Gagan developers, a commercial beginning for the great entrepreneurs. It is situated at a prime location, Kharadi, Pune, grasping the attention of the elite locales. Brilliantly crafted and efficiently designed, it is indeed an astounding creation for the great minds.


    It is surrounded by conveniences which makes ones drive from home to work an enjoyable journey. Advanced commuting technologies like the metro is just 8 km away whereas 9.4 kms away from the Pune Airport. The projected is closer to great hospitality, health care as well as commercial hubs, making it the center of entrepreneurial progression.


    The great innovation of the advanced parking system has excellently divided spaciousness. It endows each individual the freedom to enjoy amplified parking space. The availability of retail spaces invites immense progress and business. The silver lining lies in its state of the art amenities.


    Your commercial ventures will find an edge as they enter into the new dimensions of ambitious excellence with the provision of single plate lobbies with the boon of exclusive lobbies on each floor. The aura and the aesthetics of the interiors invite the wisdom holders to bring out their brilliance in the most creative manner. It is indeed an arena of boundless opportunities that awaits the arrival of the best.


    The structure of progress is embellished with a modern glass facade that includes a standout design of the vertical fins. The spaciousness of each floor magnifies with an area of 550 sq.m.  The floor to floor height is 3.6 m. Your precious time is taken care by the highly technologized 2 passenger and 1 service elevator. Safety is crafted with precision and accuracy through its strategically designed fire prevention systems that comes with stairway safety exits.


    Presenting Grant Bay located in Kharadi, Pune, is one of the prime locales within the region and it introduces itself as a ‘Space for Success’ where progress happens with great panache. It exemplifies ambition to its highest level, with its premium office spaces. Endowed with unique amenities and features that add value to the spirit of growth and ascension, the project boasts of avenues which make your journey even more enjoyable. To sum it up ‘Grant Bay’ is truly the ultimate ‘Space for Success’ which will truly become your companion in a journey to the pinnacles of accomplishments.


    Arrive at the hallmark of excellence,


    Embrace the promising opportunity of Grant Bay, Kharadi, Pune.


    By Gagan Developers.

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