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    Pune- A city of blooming Real Estate

    New Real Estate Projects in Pune

    As time be told, understanding Real Estate is rather simpler than quantum physics! The main fundamental of real estate is, more people- more demand- more houses- a boom in the Pune Real Estate market. We all know Pune as a lenient paced, relaxed living experience amidst perfect climate and nature, finely praised education centers, institutes, IT hubs, science centers and others, the reasons to opt Pune have never been less.


    Today many leading developers have solely shifted their focus towards the cultural capital of India, because of the boom in accommodation contributed majorly by the students, job seekers and those who love a life amidst serenity. The profits that come along with it have definitely seen a huge rise in the succeeding years to date. The statistics of the population growth in the last 5 years witnessed a steady rise, take a look.

    2013 – 4.3 Million
    2014 – 5 Million
    2015 – 5.7 Million
    2016 – 5.92 Million
    2017 – 6.36 Million



    Increasing population is directly proportional to the growth of Pune Real Estate Market. And the past statistics definitely says a lot about the prosperous future.


    The main reason why real estate as an industry is all set to rise tremendously is due to the lower pricing on interest announced by the Reserve Bank of India. This declaration has been good news to many, provoking them to consider real estate in Pune. This has also led in foreign investments, with many of the NRIs investing here.


    Pune also offers an array of lifestyle for the customers to choose from. Who would not love to have a choice especially when it comes to choosing a dream home? With the introduction of budget housing and affordable luxury, the increase in sale is definitely certain.


    Pune nestles Premium luxury homes for a relaxing, mediocre paced lifestyle and is a home amidst the finest institutes and hubs- and trust us, “both the scenario has a separate fan base!”