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    Pune: A Safe City

    Safe City

    Pune has always been considered a safe city and plays home to lakhs of immigrants from all over the country and the globe. Education and Information Technology play the magnet, attracting thousands of students and young professionals to this vibrant city.


    There has always been a healthy competition between the metro cities of India on the title of the best city to live in. While each city provides a unique opportunity, the recent Ease of Living Index provides an answer to this debate. With the recent survey conclusion, Pune emerged No.1 among 111 cities for Ease of Living Index. Pune continues to be an interesting real estate market in India since the expansion of IT sector. Research shows that Pune has continued to remain in the second position as far as property occupancies and sales go. When all these factors come together, it invites people for an opportunity to live a comfortable life.


    It is then obvious that if the population increases, there will be a rise in the crime rate. But Pune has always been a step ahead in terms of public safety. Various campaigns are being established and followed by the Pune police to spread awareness amongst people.


    Recently, Allied Digital, a leading security solutions company based in India, and a Verint partner bagged Rs 225 crore for the Pune Safe City Project. Nitin Shah, CMD at Allied Digital says, ”Pune is a commercial and cultural hub for India and has a very large senior citizens population, social activists and intellectuals. As such, the city is a high-security risk area for potential theft and crime. To meet the demand for security cover from the citizens, the state government initiated the Safe City Project to increase awareness and security amongst the people and help ensure 24×7 surveillance.”


    Another step towards a safer Pune was taken by the City Police. With the help of Pune Times, they recently launched “CITY SAFE” app. Pune Times campaigned #MakeMyCitySafe for the new “City Safe” app, through which the user can signal an SOS when in distress. The key highlight of the app is that it doesn’t require an active internet connection and aims to serve as an important tool in ensuring that one always feel safe in the city.


    We at Gagan Developers also do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to safety. We have a 3 tier security system at all of our projects with the last stage being an emergency button within the apartment that has a direct connection to the quick response team at the main gate.


    With so many campaigns, apps and ideas being devised, it can be said that Pune prioritizes people’s safety and is one of the safest city in India.