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    Home Inspection Checklist – What All Should the Buyer Look Out for before possession


    Homes are the spaces that define you, fill your life with bliss and zeal. The times of looking for your dream house to stepping forward to claim the possession of home is filled with excitement and happiness.However there are certain things that are to be checked while claiming the possession. It’s an undeniable fact that home is the space that envelopes not just the monetary investment but also the investments of emotions, memories of loved ones. So here is a  home inspection checklist  to be considered that will help to make an informed decision for a longer run. 

    Documents: Ticket of Assurance 

    One must minutely look upon the paperwork of the property being purchased. Ensure that you have received the original and photocopies of all the documents, with proper signatures from the real estate developers in Pune or the location of the home being purchased.  Some of the important documents are listed below. 

    Encumbrance Certificate: The EC document authorizes that the property has no monetary or legal liabilities 

    No Objection Certificate: This certificate entitles the property to have all the required approvals from the department before starting construction. These include clearance certificates, permissions, etc. 

    Building plan approval: This document will validate the construction to be legal. The approval is given by the local authority to the building. 

    Interiors: For your convenience 

    Interiors of the home demand a thorough evaluation while taking possession. Keep a check on floors, walls, and ceilings. Check on their functionality. Ensure that the doors and windows lock and unlock smoothly. A home is defined as a perfect space with an ample amount of airflow. Make sure there is enough airflow and cross-ventilation through the openings. One of the most important checkpoints is to look for the carpet area. This verification requires professional help, the carpet area should be checked in accordance with RERA regulations. 

    Exteriors: Scan the foundation

    The structure’s outside foundation is another factor to look for during a house inspection. Verify that the edges of the establishment are free of cracks. Check the efficiency of the evacuation measures like stairs, and elevators. The best method to assure security is with digital security procedures and a monitored entrance. The building’s adherence to the established criteria is ensured by the OC (occupancy) and CC (completion) certificates. Check for the certificates for ensuring proper deliverability upon the money invested. 

    Plumbing: Keep the later-on hassle away. 

    Check for completely functional fixtures throughout. All outlets should have sufficient flow and pressure. Keep a check on the water taps for their proper functionality.  Verify that there are no flushing problems. Examine the caulking around the toilet; it should ideally be flawless and not have any cracks or leaks. Ceilings in bathrooms and around the kitchen sink frequently leak water. These, however, are simpler to see; if you notice any bulging spots on the surface of the ceiling, it denotes water seepage, which can sometimes result in a full-blown leak.

    Electrical: Keep an eye for security

    Check  whether each switch in the house is functional. If additional outlets are required, approach the same to a local electrician.  Check the circuit interrupters like GFCI & AFCI be checked by the local electrical company to make sure that home does not have current load. 

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