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    The role of sustainable design in contemporary architecture and how it’s being implemented in new ongoing projects in Pune

    The role of social infrastructure in determining the value and marketability of real estate properties

    A well-known French architect Jean Nouvel has quoted that every new situation demands new architecture. This elucidates that in the world of design and development, architects need to offer better and unique solutions to every circumstance in this transforming world. The industry of Real Estate needs a futuristic approach to deliver quality results in accordance with better living with sustainable technologies.

    The real estate industry has witnessed a rise of sustainable design in contemporary architecture that introduces solutions that result in less consumption of energy. Many ongoing projects in Pune and Mumbai have been developed with a sustainable appeal.

    The 3 aspects taken into consideration while designing sustainable architecture are ecology, economy, society and culture. Many top builders like Gagan Developers in their ongoing projects in Pune have implemented responsible procedures to encourage  the usage of natural resources and improvise customer experience for a longer period of time. Embedding sustainable procedures at the initial levels of development like engaging construction with sustainable raw materials, and recycling waste produced during construction features unique elements of ongoing projects in Pune. 

    Environmental or green architecture are synonyms for sustainable design in framework. The Indian Green Building Council has stated that the industry of environmental design in every structure  is expanding at a 20% annual pace. Gagan Developers have encouraged green anatomy in the field of real estate in the urban space like natural ventilation, elements of shading and sunshine, and waste management.

    The characteristics of sustainable design in contemporary architecture in ongoing projects in Pune:

    1. A general goal is to reduce the environmental effect caused by humans
    2. Bringing the recycled and upcycled material into use
    3. Vitalizing natural sources of ventilation, sunlight, etc.

    The architecture team of Gagan developers in their ongoing projects in Pune aim to deliver spaces that are constructed adopting environmentally friendly production methods to preserve the greens as it is. Architects nowadays influence society and the environment through the buildings they create. Regarding construction and materials, the building’s design concept ought to be environmentally responsible and sustainable.

    Sustainable design in contemporary architecture currently contributes as an essential element in global construction. Furthermore, considering the status of the globe today, many experts think the idea of sustainability should be encouraged more.They assert that regenerative structure  and design, a much more forward-thinking holistic approach, is the way to go. It focuses on utilising the world’s natural resources to create systems and structures that can self-regenerate when they have served their purpose.

    Gagan developers have responsibly constructed their projects like Gagan Avencia, Gagan Aviva etc that stands out as spaces that are created to go parallel with the wellness of the environment. Managing resources, life cycle design and frameworks for human and environment welfare. Multifarious ongoing projects in Pune have implemented plans that aim to be sustainable. The concept of modern architecture has been evolved thoroughly, designs now apart from being functional, flowing also calls for a sustainable approach that does not hinder the environmental balance. Homes by Gagan Developers are filled with the elements like natural air circulation, chance to dwell in sunlight and many more.

    Gagan Developers: a perfect choice to experience a fine blend of urban necessities and nature!