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    Monsoon Proof your Home


    Apart from being breathtakingly gorgeous to witness, monsoons can also be viciously harmful to your home. In such a climatic condition monsoon proof your home becomes a necessity!

    To protect you from such scenario we are there to help you with all the possible tips that can help you in giving your home a secure protection. It’s true that exterior paint services and building maintenance services are some of the services through which the dangers can be averted and you can enjoy this monsoon season without any worries. But there is much more to it than just that!

    External Protection

    Monsoon proof your home from outside is as important as securing it from inside in the harsh weather. Observe closely the condition of your roof and gutters to be able to assess whether there is any need for repair or not and it is a must to store all your garden furniture and accessories from getting damaged in the rain.


    Gutters are a significant element of our roofing system and the role of a gutter is of course to gather and funnel away water that is on our roof, extracting water from the building’s base, securing our exterior surfaces and preventing water from entering our homes. Make sure that the guttering outside your home isn’t leaking or broken and remove all debris or leaves that get collected in it and block the passage of water or heavy rain. If the problem is overlooked, then the gutter may overflow and will aggravate the problems.

    Internal Protection

    Once the outside of your home is secured, it’s time to shift your focus to the interiors of your home. The following are pointers on how to secure the inside of your home.

    • Get the electrical wirings checked
    • Don’t allow the outside dirt from entering inside
    • Insulation
    • Check the windows and doors to prevent water seepage
    • Clean your furniture with a dry cloth

    These tips are handy in time of extra wind and heavy rainfall. Do not forget to re-check and tick mark the requirements off your list!