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    Tips to Maintain Work Life Balance

    work life balance

    With growing ambitions and the hunger for success, the term work life balance stops making much impact on people as days pass. Swimming with kids or taking them for football practice becomes a weekly affair instead of daily and spouses are forgotten completely.

    While most higher management and middle management people dread this, they are left with no choice but to keep running in the race for promotion, for that incentive and sometimes, to keep their jobs.

    So how does one crack the code? Commute between home to office gets longer and the way back is doubly excruciating. As a result, by the time one gets home, the simple joys like family dinners start seeming like tasks.

    In this blog, we bring you 6 tips to maintain a healthy work life balance and break the chains of corporate slavery.

    1. Perfectionism is an illusion- As kids we were all able to be perfect, smart and best at what we did. But as life progresses, the challenges are tougher and the responsibilities are more. Expecting yourself to handle things the same way you did when you were 17 is like asking a butterfly to be a caterpillar again. It can’t happen and the sooner you start getting off your own back, the better you will be able to perform.
    1. Switch Off- Unless you shut down your phone and stop receiving work calls on weekends, your phone will keep buzzing and you will be replying to emails sitting on the couch while your children slowly get the message that may be mom or dad are just not interested in them.
    1. Work out- The healthier your body and mind, the better you will be able to concentrate and perform at your workplace and as a result, you will be more active and happier as a parent.

    Lastly, even though it sounds difficult, try getting a house near to your workplace. With Gagan Tisha and Gagan Ela, Gagan Developers new projects in Undri and NIBM road it’s much easier to get to work on time and enjoy serenity when back home.